Ultra Precision Inc.

If there is one domain that can be characterized as the backbone of Ultra Precision, it is the Grinding Department. Our grinding facility is far reaching in it's capabilities. At your disposal are surface, conventional jig, CNC-controlled jig, contour, CNC-controlled profile, and wet grinders. All of these high quality machines are manned by extremely skilled and experienced toolmakers.
From start to finish, all of our grinders work together as a team to ensure that not only the highest precision parts are produced, but also that there is absolutely no time wasted in the manufacturing process. With only the highest quality abrasive wheels and innovative fixtures, procedures, methods, and of course the all important brainstorming, Ultra Precision produces world-class quality.
Our journeyman grinders routinely hold tolerances of .00005" with surface finishes that would make a jeweler blush. With components ground to these extremely precise parameters, you can rest assured that your replacement die components will fit together perfectly time after time.
No order is unimportant, small or large. The employees in these departments are often pushed to meet the ever demanding delivery requirements. Because of an expansive tungsten carbide inventory, our grinders have been known to save a few backsides by turning an order around in less than 24 hours. Give the gifted grinders at Ultra Precision an opportunity to service your company, and they'll make sure you come back again and again. Put them to work for you today and begin a relationship that is built on quality.